What is the Measure of a Good Day?

How do I know that today was a good day?  It could be how I feel about today, but my feelings are fickle. I can’t let them be the measure of a good day. Is it how much I got done? There are always the check marks on my to do list, but that can’t measure the quality of my day, because there is always more to do.

But other things matter.  Was I kind to someone today?  Did I lean into discomfort?  Not take the easy way?  Did I do something that I have been avoiding? Did I stretch myself beyond an old stale boundary?

Did I tackle a hard task that I have been avoiding with the support of a friend or a colleague?

Did I pick myself up and dust myself off in the middle of a day where I was lost and confused?

Did I raise a difficult issue with care and a fully open heart?

Did I take a risk?  Did I tend my garden?

Did I straighten up a room or do and do a load of laundry?  Did I let go of the unused unloved belonging?  Did I cook a good meal?  

Did I hold someone accountable kindly, not harshly? Did I see weakness without criticizing or blaming?  Did I remember an old hurt without resentment?  Did I forgive anyone today?  Did I forgive myself?

Did I have a good laugh with someone?  Did I share a painful moment and buck someone up?  Did I let some one else take the lead and let myself be an enthusiastic follower?

Was I silly with my silly boy?  Did we ride bikes through puddles?

Did I walk out onto the leaf-strewn lawn and raise my arms and praise the Holy One for this amazing life?  Did my heart swell with thanks for this one wild life I am living?

Or, did I just look at all the things I didn’t get to today with a heavy heart and an unconscious vow to run farther, faster tomorrow?

Let us include in our measure of productivity the ways we live our days, not just what we do.

Practice: Noting the meaningful moments. In the middle of the rush today, stop for a moment and notice and choose to act on what is deeply meaningful to you.

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