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Recognized by Inc.com as a Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Marilyn brings humor, dynamism and deep wisdom to her work.

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“I have done 5 Oasis half days (hoping to get to full days soon!) I am feeling refreshed, kinder and more generous-spirited toward others. Amazingly after each one, I find myself energized when I return to my to-dos, and they are accomplished quickly…WAIT! I CAN’T DO THAT! I hear you saying. But I’ll bet you can. And you’ll be amazed at the positive impact on your spirit, your relationships, your life!”

-Sharon Eakes

MA, Board Certified Coach, Arbinger Coaching Network


Rest is the New Work

• Mounting evidence shows that true renewal time is key to productivity

• Relaxed social time is essential for health and longevity

• Get actionable tips on how to stop in a non-stop world

Living Well in a Non-Stop World

• Integrate Western spiritual teachings about taking Shabbat/ Sabbath with mindfulness and yoga practices to relieve work pressure

• Reduce the stress of relentless action taking

• Craft renewal time with support

New Approaches to Personal Productivity

• Define and create your path to personal productivity

• Find and establish systems and structures to channel your creative energy

• Implement state-of-the-art wisdom on changing how you get things done

Is Moving Too Fast Slowing You Down?

• Challenge widespread misinformation about workplace productivity: eg. working longer hours does not enhance work outcomes

• Recognize that rushing can create extra work. Poor handoffs and unclear agreements create costly misunderstandings

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Learn how to choose what you really want

Drawing on her own experience of successful change, Marilyn has created a roadmap that helps clients emerge from disorganization and be able to do what they want, when they want, with a growing presence of mind.

Coaching with Marilyn enables you to:

Learn how your thought patterns and habits create an orderly or chaotic life, and how to choose what you really want 

Accomplish the nitty-gritty work of setting priorities, creating task lists, and organizing your calendar to align your actions with your goals

Use mindfulness techniques to access the wealth of knowledge in your unconscious mind

Experience relief as you gain traction on the changes that you want to make

Discover how a life of intentional order renews your energy and creativity

“Marilyn offered not just techniques, handouts, and exercises for getting a hold on lives that seem out of control, but also a deeply spiritual approach to life that must undergird any serious attempt at change.”

– Rev. Nicholas M. Morris-Kliment,


Is your company, organization, or community struggling with making real sustainable progress towards the initiatives that matter most? Bridgeway Partners’ consulting services can help you achieve breakthrough change in the service of a shared goal.

Enhance Your Professional Effectiveness

Build a foundation for sustainable change by identifying key stakeholders, cultivating learning partnerships, and developing skills for catalytic conversations. 

Make an explicit choice in favor of what you care about most deeply. 

Uncover why a problem persists despite people’s best efforts to solve it.

Identify and act on high-leverage interventions to produce sustainable system-wide improvement.

“Marilyn is an exceptionally gifted leader: wise, resourceful, and a careful listener. She understands systems well, but more importantly, she understands what deeply matters, what systems can do to help us connect with the truly important and sustaining elements of our life, whatever they are. She helped me, an Episcopal priest, find better ways to restore and nourish myself while continuing to address the avalanche of demands that I face every day in my work.” Jep Streit

-Jep Streit

Dean, Cathedral Church of St. Paul

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