Living & working wisely in a turbulent world

End the chaos created by the relentless demands and distractions of our 24/7 world and develop the mindsets, skills, and tools to be more effective at doing what matters most.

Create focus, energy and spaciousness


Marilyn’s mission is to help people who struggle with overwhelm and disorganization to live more coherent, less chaotic lives. She herself has recovered from the nightmares of chronic chaos and overwork and she knows how out of control life can feel.

She says, “I’ve been there. I’ve overworked. Tried to do too much. Gotten overwhelmed by too many goals and too much disorganization. I have a Ph.D. from Yale in Management and an MBA from Cornell and I have done research about these issues and worked with hundreds of individuals and businesses to address these issues of productivity, health, burnout and disorganization.”

Marilyn’s clients learn new ways to enhance their energy and focus as they learn new habits of mind and action. Sometimes enhancing productivity seems paradoxical:

  • Building supportive connections is as important as naming your priorities
  • Taking items off your to-do list is as important as putting them on
  • Stopping completely is as important as surging forward 


Marilyn was selected as a top 100 Leadership Speaker by for 2018. She has taught at Yale and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has worked with a wide range of clients including grass roots non-profits, education, health and small business.


Marilyn’s award winning books will help you reset, refocus, and

take control of your time.

Learn how Marilyn’s groundbreaking book, An Oasis in Time, shows us how to find deep renewal in a culture highly focused on productivity.


Get the tools you need to revive your energy with a free Oasis Toolkit.


Podcast appearance
The Power of a productivity buddy

March 1, 202, 1 pm Pacific.

The ADHD Podcast with Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright

ADHD coach Jane Massengill and I have been productivity buddies for a while.  In this podcast, we will share our practices for making the most of any work session by setting up support and accountability with a productivity buddy.  We will talk about how to find a productivity buddy, how to set up productive work sessions, how to really support each other to get work done and how to troubleshoot breakdowns.

I find my productivity buddies key to my work life.  Join on March 1, at 1 pm Pacific to hear us live on the ADHD podcast.