Vastly improve your quality of life in a modern hectic world

Life is going by in a blur. Demands increase. The to do list grows. The frantic pace is over whelming. The solution? Don’t try to do more. Stop. Yes stop. Rest. Reset your mind, heart and brain. Get going again with new perspective, creativity and energy. Try the life transforming practice of an oasis in time every week.

Bring Your Beach Bliss Home

  It’s September. If you’re like me, you’re hoping you can squeeze in one more trip to the beach to capture that…

Marilyn’s mission is to help us draw on ancient wisdom practices to lead better lives. Her organizational transformation training at Yale and Cornell brought her to challenging projects around the world. Years of leading organizational and personal change convinced her that we are most powerful when we glean and apply proven practices known in ancient times.
“Marilyn Paul makes a compelling case that an ancient ritual can vastly improve your quality of life in a hectic modern world. I’m convinced!”
―Cal Newport, author of Deep Work
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