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I just got off a call with a close colleague and a good friend.  We hadn’t spoken for a while, and, although I was glad to hear her voice and always interested in what she has to say, I could feel the pull towards today’s work.  “I want to get going!!”  clamored a…(Read More)

    I am concentrating hard on a writing project and my office mate speaks, “We have a meeting this Friday…”    “David,” I said in a friendly tone of voice, “I am off limits for the next hour.”  “Oh, okay.”  He said, and we both went back to work. I notice an important email from…(Read More)

Many of us manage our time reactively. We check our inbox to find out what actions to take. A request in the hall turns into an emergency meeting. Long term priorities and difficult tasks “fall off our plate.” The result is on ongoing feeling of scrambling. This can result in organization wide chaos. The daily…(Read More)

Too Tired to Clean Up?


Do you look around and see clutter?  Are there dishes in the sink?  Clothes to hang up?  Are you just exhausted? Here are a few ways to create a little more order for yourself.  Remember, order is a treat for you and the others around you.  Creating even a tiny bit more order can let…(Read More)

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