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Temper, Temper


Each of us has something that triggers frustration and sometimes anger. Our anger can lead us to misdirect energy down an emotional sinkhole. This is not a post about emotional suppression, though; it’s more about becoming more aware of how we use our energy. My challenge right now is my son Jonathan. But think…(Read More)

Too Tired to Clean Up?


Do you look around and see clutter?  Are there dishes in the sink?  Clothes to hang up?  Are you just exhausted? Here are a few ways to create a little more order for yourself.  Remember, order is a treat for you and the others around you.  Creating even a tiny bit more order can let…(Read More)

I came back from my meeting with my doctor with a long list of things to do to improve my health.  I was still shaky a year after finishing chemo and I needed to get better. Concerns included:  bone health, weight gain, fatigue, insomnia…. What a list!!    What to do? Among the things to do…(Read More)

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